Harare,22 August 2023

Zimbabwean Amapiano and Afro artist Real Togie announces the much-anticipated release of his new single track, "Tichango Shainawo," featuring the talented Lisa Muridzo. Set to captivate audiences with its infectious beats and mesmerizing melodies, this collaboration promises to take the local music scene by storm.

"Tichango Shainawo" showcases Real Togie's signature style, blending Amapiano and Afro genres to create a unique and dynamic sound that perfectly captures the spirit of Zimbabwe. Packed with high-energy rhythm and soulful vocals, the track delivers a mesmerizing musical journey that will undoubtedly leave fans craving more.

Real Togie, known for his innovative approach to music production, has been making waves in the Zimbabwean music industry. "Tichango Shainawo" marks his latest hit, following a string of successful releases that have earned him widespread recognition and praise from critics and fans alike. With his compelling lyrics and captivating performances, Real Togie has quickly become a household name in the local music scene.

"I am thrilled to collaborate with the incredibly talented Lisa Muridzo on this track," says Real Togie. "We have poured our hearts and souls into 'Tichango Shainawo,' and I believe it will resonate with audiences on a profound level. This song is a celebration of our culture and a testament to the incredible musical talent that Zimbabwe has to offer."

With its catchy hooks and irresistible rhythm, "Tichango Shainawo" is set to become a summer anthem, infusing Zimbabwean music with a contemporary twist. Real Togie's unique ability to blend traditional African sounds with modern beats has caught the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide, and this collaboration with Lisa Muridzo showcases the artists' immense talent and creativity.

Fans can look forward to the official release of "Tichango Shainawo" . The track will be available on all major music streaming platforms, ensuring that fans can groove to Real Togie's infectious beats wherever they go. Stay tuned for more exciting updates by following Real Togie on social media and joining the vibrant Zimbabwean music movement.

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About Real Togie:

Real Togie is a Zimbabwean Amapiano and Afro artist who has gained recognition for his unique blending of traditional African sounds with contemporary beats. With his compelling lyrics and energetic performances, Real Togie continues to captivate audiences with his distinct musical offering. For more information, visit Prime Music

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