4 reasons why regular health check-ups are important for dogs

Every pet-parent wants their beloved furry friends to be as healthy and happy as they can be.

So, in the absence of any visible symptoms or health issues, it is easy to assume that they are alright!

But the physiology and health dynamics of our four-legged friends are obviously very different from our own, and just like we humans need our annual health check-ups irrespective of how healthy we seem to be, so do dogs!

The life cycles of dogs are also quite different from our own, as a result of which, age-related diseases could also pop up when you least expect them.

Here are the top four reasons why regular check-ups are necessary for dogs:

1. Early disease detection

A veterinarian can spot signs of complications, early-onset diseases, and more, which you would never think twice about. For instance, if your dog seems to be drinking a lot more water than usual, it might be an indication of Diabetes. Dental hygiene and healthcare, as well as a yearly blood test, are also part of the necessary check-ups. And the best part is that in most cases, the treatments involve very small changes, be it in their diet or daily routine.

2. Preventive care

All dog-owners know that their beloved canine companion needs to get their vaccinations and boosters, as recommended, to ensure a healthy and happy life. A regular consultation with an experienced veterinarian can help you keep track of and schedule all of the necessary shots, from ones for Rabies, Distemper, and Parvo, to Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, and the Coronavirus.

3. Reading behavioural traits

We often forget or tend to neglect the fact that mental well-being is just as important as physical well-being, for us as well as our dogs. And while we might have our therapist to help us, the only way to understand our furry friends better is time, experience, and guidance from a trained veterinarian. From helping you correct behavioural problems to learning to recognise and understand them better, regular health check-ups make for the perfect opportunity to stay up-to date and clear any doubts.

4. Senior dog-care

As your dog gets older, he might develop a number of afflictions, from arthritis to cognitive dementia, and more. In addition, they also require booster shots for certain diseases, every year, after a particular age. Hence, regular visits to the veterinarian become especially important, the older they get.

Whether you’re a new dog owner or you and your dog have already been together for a while, regular health check-ups will ensure he gets to live his life healthy and happy, to the best of his ability, especially since they cannot speak as we do.

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