Jameson Timba, Chibaya Fight Over Chamisa’s Blue Movement | Report

Jameson Timba and Amos Chibaya, close allies of former CCC leader Nelson Chamisa, are apparently vying for control of the yet-to-be-launched political party known as the “Blue Movement”, which is associated with Chamisa.

May 19, 2024 - 09:58
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Jameson Timba, Chibaya Fight Over Chamisa’s Blue Movement | Report

Nelson Chamisa


According to  Bulawayo24, Timba and Chibaya disagree on critical elements of the planned party’s organizational structure, particularly concerning the criteria for selecting cluster leaders.

This situation arises as Chibaya, along with Prince Dubeko Sibanda and Gift Ostalos Siziba, have reportedly confided in their trusted lieutenants about their aspirations to deputise Chamisa.  Chibaya believes he is the most suitable candidate for the role.

Bulawayo24 reported a source as saying that while Timba supports a democratic approach to selecting cluster leaders, Chibaya prefers a system of appointment, where leaders are handpicked rather than elected. Said the source:

Timba and Chibaya are embroiled in a heated dispute regarding the selection of cluster leaders and other key positions within Chamisa’s prospective party.

Timba insists on transparency and inclusivity in the leadership selection process, believing that democracy should be upheld at every level of the new party structure.

Chibaya’s stance leans towards a more centralized approach, where individuals close to Chamisa would be favoured for key positions, thus consolidating control within the inner circle.

The Blue Movement is not a formal political party but rather a symbol or concept embraced by Chamisa and his supporters after they abandoned CCC.

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