Police Block CCC From Holding A Rally In Mkoba North

Police in Gweru have blocked the opposition CCC party from holding a rally in Mkoba North Constituency, saying the convener did not specify the venue for the rally and that there was a real threat of violence breaking out.

May 19, 2024 - 09:59
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Police Block CCC From Holding A Rally In Mkoba North

According to a letter dated 09 March 2024, addressed to one Tonderai Chorira, by the Officer Commanding Police, Gweru Urban District, Chief Superintendent T.B Gumbo, the rally, which was scheduled to take place this Sunday, could not go ahead “in the interest of public safety.” Part of the letter reads:

This office acknowledges receipt of your notification to hold a Mkoba North Citizens rally on 10 March 2024 at the Golf Course.

Note that you did not specify the venue of the intended rally in your notification hence your notification falls short of the information required.

In addition, there is a real threat of violence erupting as a result of clashes between the supporters of the speakers and another group claiming to be from the same organisation as yours who are indicating that the speakers should not continue using the logo of the party which recalled them.

In the interest of public safety, this office is advising you not to proceed with the rally.

CCC has split into at least three factions since Sengezo Tshabangu, posing as its Interim Secretary General, seized control of the party in October 2022.

Tshabangu has since recalled scores of CCC MPs and Councillors, and he has sought, through the courts, to bar the recalled members from using the CCC logo.

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