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6 weird reasons people broke up their marriage​

In the intricate realm of human connections, the motivations behind the dissolution of marriages are as varied as the individuals involved. While common factors such as communication issues and infidelity are frequently cited, there are instances where the rationales take a more peculiar turn. In  […]

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Samsung is world’s top selling phones over iPhone, top phones in the world

Apple’s reign as the world’s leading smartphone seller is over. The company’s iPhone shipments plummeted 10% in the first quarter, leading to a market share drop. Here are the top-selling phones for the first quarter of 2024 According to the IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, here are the top  […]

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Is your partner a spendthrift or miser? Here’s what it says about your relationship

We all have a mental checklist of a perfect partner, isn’t it? He or she should be smart, caring, understanding, professionally stable and this list seems to be endless. But have you ever thought about what kind of spending habits your lover must have? Well, it might be a good idea to date someone  […]

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20,000 people have disappeared in this area in the past 50 years

Whoever ventures into this pristine area is on their own. Everyone has probably heard about the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious region where things happen that seem difficult to explain logically, bringing to many people’s minds even supernatural forces. Few people, however, know that  […]

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Is your phone constantly listening to your conversations?

In an age where smartphones have become ubiquitous, the concern that our devices might be listening to our conversations is not unfounded. With the rise of voice-activated assistants and targeted advertising, the idea that our phones could be eavesdropping has sparked both curiosity and concern.  […]

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4 ways to keep your small business afloat in uncertain times

These are undeniably tough times. In South Africa, the road to economic recovery in a post-pandemic world has been a bumpy one, given the turbulence of the geopolitical climate and the volatility of global financial markets. Thousands of small businesses across the country have felt the impact of  […]

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