FaB Fusion release new single – ‘TREBLE’ – on 30 March 2024

This Saturday 30 March the FaB Fusion duo (Faith and Brennan Wyngard) will be releasing a new single ‘Treble’ – in collaboration with Tinashe Makura.

May 19, 2024 - 10:00
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FaB Fusion release new single – ‘TREBLE’ – on 30 March 2024

The new release, a lively piece with good vocals is composed by the dynamic duo Faith and Brennan Wyngard together with Tinashe Makura, Vanny Yafele and produced by Eden Lang.

FaB Fusion also work as a 4-piece setup featuring Cole Rusike aka Coolstix on drums and their eldest son Vanny on lead guitar, who feature on the song. The single is being launched with an exciting live performance on Saturday 30 March 2024 at the Farm at Art venue in Harare.

The duo who started out in 2012, fuse together multiple genres and styles of music and have established themselves on the Harare music landscape, performing and collaborating with other bands, and artists. They work closely with the band FaB Ovation, with whom they released their first single Chimdhudhudhu in October 2021, which topped the Classic 263 radio charts for a number of weeks. As a duo or with the 4-piece band, they perform in and around Harare and beyond, and featured at the Kariba International Tiger Fish Tournament 2023.

FaB Fusion embrace opportunities to work with artists of all genres and had the chance to perform with the legendary late Oliver Mtukudzi at the Harare International Festival of The Arts 2017 and the Japanese group Iyco and Kaka Furaha. They have also peformed on other big stages such as Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, Zimstock, Tumaini and Tisangalare Festival in Malawi, and in Victoria Falls and other venues.

On the new release, ‘Treble’, the artists involved are
⦁ Faith Wyngard – Rhythm guitar and vocals
⦁ Tinashe Makura – Vocals
⦁ Brennan Wyngard -Bass guitar
⦁ Vanny Yafele – Lead guitar
⦁ Eden Lang – Recording Engineer and Effects

Previous to this latest offering, FaB Fusion have released the following albums and singles:

⦁ Embrace Album 2015

⦁ Mixed Bag Album with FaB Ovation 2017

⦁ Farai (single) with Iyco and Kaka Furaha 2017

⦁ Chimdhudhudhu with FaB Ovation in 2021

⦁ Inzwai Munamato Ft Tatoman and Allan Musarurwa 2023

⦁ Treble Ft Tinashe Makura 2024









Brennan Wyngard
Tel +263 77 268 7067
Email fabfusionzw33@gmail.com

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